Is India ever virgin Foreign policy of Non Alignment Movement lost?

India looses its virginity in Foreign policy

India used to preach and practice “Panchsheel “ five principles from the days of Independence. First Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru preached Mahatma Gandhi’s non Violence and peaceful living with neighbouring countries. This was extended to practice extending the hand of friendship with enemy on the head China and India offered China permanent seat in security council in United Nations representing Asia when India was proposed by many countries head. But China paid inversely to India in 1962 and till now. Even then Indian foreign policy on rocky foundation of peaceful neighbouring Nations by Heart and soul and help them in distress and remove poverty by developmental agenda. Same principle was applied for entire Afro Asian countries. Panditji institutionalised it by NAM Non alignment Movement which brought more than `120 counties in the organisation . It was a real “Vasudevkudumbam” யாதும் ஊரே யாவரும்கேளிர் the entire world of humanity is our relatives. This was proclaimed by Smt Indira Gandhi in the Parliament then Soviet Supreme in USSR. Similar approach was followed by Prime Ministers Rajiv Gandhi, PV.Narasimha Rao, AB.Vajpayee and Dr Manmohan Singh. Mr Narendra Modi also proclaimed in UN meeting. But in action the persons representing the neighbour hood who attend the swarming ceremony of Mr.Narendra Modi treat India as rivel and against their Interest while China is friend of them.

Why this drastic Changes are happening:

What is the reason for changing attitude of neighbourhood. Is it because they are not cared by India in their crisis , calamities and financial trade relationship ?

Is it because USA is coming closer to India by investment defence preparedness and trade relations ?

Is it the feeling that just to appease USA India is ignoring neighbours as poor and needy countries?

Is it the feeling that traditional enmity with Pakistan can apply to other countries in future just like in Nepal, Afganistan , Bangladesh, Myanmar and others?

Is it some way of change of big brothers attitude by India to the perception ?

Is it so simple to hate India because of the individual Narendra Modi’s way of treating others on their Party agenda of religious discrimination and divisive nature of law making affecting the citizens of their own country openly showing and spreading hatred?

Let us discuss further why virgin ideas of India is being wasted by ruling set up making India in undeclared Emergency under Art 358 and 360 of Constitution of India and working against the rule of law by unpredictable body language and behaviour of rulers. It may go further the present government can do anything and everything secretly in the name of fulfilling their agenda making democracy as onlooker demoralised billions.

Symbol of peace is now changed

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Sri Lanka in 21st century towards prosperity and peace.

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It is a world changing

This is the year of Trade war rehearsal making many small countries and economy to suffer by big counties political hobby . The countries which are already well developed infrastructure, production of goods and services to export the surplus to other under developed countries. When WTO expects movement of investment, products, services it includes labour too.

But present global trade allows investment, products and services which are the out come intellectual property but refuses labour to move or cross boundary. If at all the developed countries need Human Resource’s they are ready to hire on knowing the skill.

This gives a clarity the developed countries are not worried about skill development and invest in another country unless it is consumer country to give skill as retailers and carriers.

The governments run by exploiters of people and natural resources are ready to purchase weapons in turn send hired solders who are ready to die for other countries prosperity just solve their poverty.

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It is not Cold War but it is cloud war – use it for Nation States benefit –

It is not Cold War but is a cloud war – use it for Nation States benefit. It is an opportunity for every body in market economy. World is open. Brilliant mind accepts the challenge . The dull headed state abuse it. It shows degree of utilisation . INDIA should stand up because of its Intellectual capacity and IP contribution to the world development. It has to come out if it’s colonial shadow – come out to lime light. You are there – every nation loves your AHIMSA.

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“Prevention of Conflict of interest” needs Central Agency for Intellegence and Investigation

“Conflict of Interest “is very much available in co operative societies and banks .Now a days conflict of interest is more prevalent and practised in co operative system. This makes the co operative  movement becomes captive in the hands mighty ,making weaker section much poorer and slaves.It is no more for targeted vulnerable groups. It becomes a tool for Financial scandals. Reserve Bank of India is now empowered to regulate Co operative Banks. But other co  operative societies are under control  of political groups or interested groups. In the absence of National Law for Prevention  of Conflict of interest there should be state wise demand for amendment of existing laws by inclusion of provision “preventing the conflict of interest” by judicial forum intervention in the Central and State Co operative Societies Acts.

Final solution lays in the Parliament to bring Constitutional amendment to create Agency just like CBI to see that conflict of Interest is prevented and prohibited as Statutory measure by Institutional mechanism. Constitution provides in List of Powers “ Union List : Entry 8  Central Bureau of Intelligence and investigation “

On this basis law should be brought in Parliament. More so Representative Peoples Act 1950 can also include such provision in pre and post election scenario. Government servants and Judiciary should also be covered under the provisions of Constitution.

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Conflict of interest is the evil in democracy

“Prohibition of Conflict of interest “is a must for INDIA. The UN started to look at various aspects. My private member bill in Rajya Sabha is on the concept of protecting constitutional architecture . Using democracy the conflict of interest in Parliament , Executive and Judiciary is starring at citizens just like Saturn in biblical version looks at Adam ( democracy) .

The International covenants and conventions are gradually addressing different aspects of Corruption. But the Constitution of a Country and its creatures are to be protected from this evil by the domestic laws and rule of law.

India is mocked at by various media because of conflict of interest . It is the correct time to bring enforceable law in Parliament. The biggest practising democracy is Indian Constitution in three tier system of governance and Judiciary.

But people are gradually loosing confidence on the system. The priority is to bring Prohibition of conflict of Interest

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ICRC and law making for NIAC

International Humanitarian Laws practice and implementation are continuous process and softly enforced with all commitment by ICRC . In recent developments of Non International Armed Conflicts are not looked in the prism of Geneva Convention and Protocal’s. The detaining authorities neither developed nor sensitised of IHL . The minimum requirement of conditions of detention are inadequate – “lacking in basics such as adequate food, water, clothing and bedding accommodation, hygienic installations or health care “. Since the same detaining authorities are trained in domestic prisons ignoring the human rights issues to the prisoners one cannot expect from them rule of international law.

We have to appreciate the efforts ICRC as an International institution of having team of professionals and law experts intervening and guiding the detaining authorities and insensitive governments.

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Sickly mind tries to bring India under dictatorship ?

Making India vs breaking India .

PM leads the Party vs PM led by party ?

Is it not way of hiding history of life sacrifices made by Mahatma, Indiraji, Rajiv ji by shedding blood to keep the country unified.

Nehruvian way obeying party is now one man thinks acts for 125 crore people and multiple democratic Institutions created by Indian Constitution and laws made by Parliament and State legislatures.

Can it happen in the greatest real democratic India! Never it can happen. Crores of people sacrificed their life to build INDIA. On man cannot destroy the edifice.

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Who is the master of universe In international Law ?

Many used to claim as InternationaI law is the evolution of European thought as the necessity for better relations with neighbourhood countries and sovereign states . Which was not acceptable as very often Prof R.P.Anand proved through his well placed argument. International law expanded geographically and occupied not only entire globe but also space, celestial bodies too. This is the historical evolution.But India had recognised the Universality of law controlling the globe and celestial bodies too. It recognised in the early part of world known civilisation that the human relation with the celestial bodies and regulation of each other through proved documentation ,empirical datas, formula, statistics, experiences,precedence and proves in scientifically acceptable terms. Indian saints and practitioners felt that the knowledge is directly given by divine power which controls and regulates every minute parts of atom to mega maximums by application of these resources. But the modern evolution of International law started from neighbourhood relations to sovereign countries relations by experiences and abstract material needs and demands on the occurrences of historical evidences and consequences of incidences and events. The need for Space law gives new dimention during the later part of 20 th Century in the decade of nuclear war threat.

‘The treaty’s principal drafters, the U.S. and the U.S.S.R., were primarily concerned with nuclear weapons when they met in 1967 at the United Nations; Article IV of the treaty prohibits military installations and weapons of mass destruction from being placed in orbit or on other worlds. Further stipulations guarantee freedom of access to all nations, ban territorial claims and promote scientific cooperation. Above all, the treaty was designed to ensure that space exploration occur peacefully and for the benefit of all mankind.’

The dawn of 21 st century bring new vision and need for developed nations to think on commercial market economy terms , to earn profit even through the space expeditions . As the article in

“Who’s in Charge of Outer Space?”

By Adam Mann. The Wall Street Journal. 19 May 2017

‘The U.S. has adopted the latter interpretation of the treaty, along with Luxembourg, which hopes to become a hub of space commerce, and the United Arab Emirates, which is currently completing its own domestic space laws to allow asteroid mining. If enough countries take a similar stance, this reading could become customary international law. All eyes are now on China, which took a more equivocal stance during the U.N. meeting in March, saying that space-faring nations “should strike a balance between the freedom of utilization and the equitable sharing of benefits.” At the conclusion of the meeting, the U.N. committee elected to hold off on any decisions and revisit the issue in 2018.

‘Everything that happens in space falls under the purview of the Treaty on Principles Governing the Activities of States in the Exploration and Use of Outer Space, including the Moon and Other Celestial Bodies. This international agreement, also known as the Outer Space Treaty, turned 50 years old in January. More than 100 countries, including the U.S., Russia and China, are parties to the treaty. “It’s the Constitution and the Magna Carta of space law,” says Sagi Kfir, general counsel for Deep Space Industries, an asteroid-mining company based in Mountain View, Calif. “It’s so fundamental that its principles have become customary international law even for those countries that aren’t signatories.”

‘In February, Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo passed its third glide-flight test, putting it on pace to offer suborbital space tourism by the end of 2018. In March, Goldman Sachs announced to investors that a single asteroid containing $25 billion to $50 billion of platinum could be mined by a spacecraft costing only $2.6 billion—less than a third of what has been invested in Uber.’

The commercial exploitation of celestial bodies are now accepted by domestic law in USA by the President Obama.

‘One of the biggest modern-day sticking points stems from Article VI, which states that nongovernmental entities—i.e. private businesses—must receive “authorization and continuing supervision” from their country of origin. Article VI was originally a compromise between the communist Soviets, who wanted to ban off-planet commercial activity, and the Americans, who insisted that space be open for business’

Whether India will play a crucial role in this treaty formulation so that Chandrayaan II will be part of of our effort of proving the ancient knowledge of India used and justified of “Make in India”.

Dr E M Sudarsana Natchiappan

Sr Advocate , Supreme Court of India

3F, White House, 10 Bhagwan Das Road,

New Delhi 110001

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International School for 21st Century in Sivagangai Tamilnadu

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